Clip In Hair Extensions South Africa

The clip on hair extensions available now are often made of high-quality, real hair.

Proper Care Of Hair Extensions Can Extend Their Useful Lifespans

The clip on hair extensions available now are often made of high-quality, real hair. If a person shops carefully for the best quality hair extensions that match the natural hair color exactly, people will not even realize extensions are being used. But, there is more to owning and using natural hair extensions than just clipping them in and styling one's hair. Hair extensions do not take care of themselves. The natural clip in hair extensions must be cared for much the same as a person cares for their own hair.

Purchase Good Quality Clip On Hair Extensions

Cheap, low-quality clip in hair extensions will not look natural and will require more care. Synthetic hair extensions may melt during styling with curling irons or other heated styling aids. They will not do well with coloring either. Good quality natural hair extensions can be colored and clip in hair south africa styled like a person's own hair to match perfectly. The best clip in hair is made of 100% Remy human hair and contains around 160 grams of hair. Those with 80 grams of hair are too thin and will not look real. One of the few suppliers of clip in hair extensions of high quality in Australia is Hairvenly Extensions. Good suppliers realize that matching hair color online may be difficult, so they offer exchanges or refunds when the extensions received do not match the customer's hair color perfectly. Customers can also send the supplier a photo of their hair so it can be matched.

Care Of Clip In Hair Extensions

High-quality human hair extensions should be cared for in the same way the owner would care for their own hair. Hair extensions should be shampooed after four or five uses or when the hair starts to look dull or begins to have an odor. Do not over shampoo as this will dry the hair out. This is because hair extensions do not get additional oils from the scalp like the owner's hair does. Use a good quality, gentle shampoo and a conditioner designed for dry or damaged hair. To correctly shampoo extensions follow these tips.


Remove tangles gently with the fingers working from the ends upward.

Do not wash hair extensions while they are attached to the head. Remove them and wash them separately.

Use cool water and a small amount of the gentle shampoo working from the weft to the base or ends of the hair. Be gentle, never scrubbing or twisting the hairs.

Before drying remove all tangles then lay them on a clean towel to air dry.

Always use a wide tooth comb and loop type brush designed for use with hair extensions when styling. Work with a downward motion from the ends then up toward the weft to avoid damage. If the owner styles gently and cares for their hair extensions properly, they will last much longer.